Hi my name is Ana Nadal.
If you look closely, you only need four “A’s” to write my name.
A for adore, I absloutely adore my work.
A for “At what time do you need it for?”.
A for Argentina, where I worked as an art director (yes, I know what you need!).
A for “Amazing, It turnt out amazing”.

Yes, thats who I am.

Also, there is a fruit with my name on it,  (tropical fruit with...b)

If you guess it right you will get a 10% off.


All valid transactions made with Transbank Debit Cards, issued in Macau and operated by Transbank Corporations, take place in the establishments affiliated with Transbank Corporations. The delivery of the discount will be made in transactions made with the card during the period of the promotion, where a transaction is equivalent to 1 Philippine dollar.- and so on until the prize amount is completed.

Love you. Ana.

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